Thursday, 15 July 2010

Pyramid for Change

Grieving parents find to tough – that’s no surprise and the loss of a baby is something no-one recovers from quickly. However, sometimes it sparks a passion for change and to help other people who find themselves in a similar position.

A couple whose full term baby was still born continue to campaign for more complete antenatal screening to try and reduce the rate of stillbirth in the UK. They cite research figures of 1 in 200 pregnancies ending in stillbirth – it might not sound like much but that adds up to 3,600 babies a year!

Their campaign, supported by Dr Beattie here at Innermost Secrets along with many other high profile experts in the field, aims to reduce the rates of unexplained stillbirth “purely by education, proper fetal screening and quality cost effective home fetal monitoring when necessary.” The campaign highlights that women with ‘low risk’ pregnancies have higher rates of stillbirth than those labeled higher risk.

A meeting is planned for September 2010 and the couple have called their campaign ‘Pyramid for Change’ as no pyramid can be built without foundations, and it is these foundations that they want to build to ensure that all women have a reduced risk of stillbirth through effective and safe antenatal care.

Innermost Secrets already offer frequent scans to their patients and also use the most accurate procedures to pick up issues such as Intrauterine growth restriction, one possible cause of stillbirth.

We’ll keep you posted about progress!